As long as Our Pottery is in your possession, you will always have a "Miracle."

Each pottery item is hand turned
from durable stoneware clay body
and non-scratch high fire glaze. Dishwasher, oven and microwave safe, our hand crafted dinnerware and bakeware will last a lifetime staying just as beautiful as the day it was born.

Each pot is signed first with a cross 
in thanks to our Lord, our name
and then the year. We say a tiny prayer
for the receiver of each piece, that they receive abundant blessings
in their lives. It not just about pottery.

Our Cherokee Pottery

Valinda Miracle is a direct descendant of the first family of Cherokee Nation.  Her ancestors were forced to leave their homes and likely hid out in the local mountains and caves to escape having to leave their beautiful home land and their families on the Trail of Tears.  These Cherokee Indians survived one of the most cruel operations in our country’s history. 

Despite this however, Cherokee people have been living in the southeastern portion of The United States have had a working relationship with the earth for more than 3000 years.  They took clay deposits from the Appalachians and surrounding areas and taught themselves how to shape, decorate, mold and fire this material to be used for utilitarian, ceremonial and decorative uses.  The Cherokees continue to hold this relationship today.  The local clays of the Southern Appalachians has been transformed into cooking pots, bowls, pipes, water jugs and more.  The designs and styles have changed and evolved while always using the old as their foundation.  The passion and tradition of Cherokee people taking a natural resource and creating beauty with their hands continues.
Where to find us

We're located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains near Mentone in Valley Head, Alabama.  Miracle Pottery is nestled at the base of the hills at 7871 Alabama Hwy 117 between Gadsden, Alabama and Chattanooga, Tennessee just off exit 231 of Interstate 59.  After leaving the Interstate, you'll find us about halfway up the mountain on Alabama Highway 117 between Valley Head and Mentone.

We are open every day from 10:00 AM until 6:00PM
and ask that you call ahead for tour groups. 

Click on link below for more detailed directions.