As long as Our Pottery is in your possession, you will always have a "Miracle."

Meet the Miracle Herself
He created a miracle in me!

While recovering from a serious automobile accident in which she sustained a traumatic head injury, Valinda Miracle, a bright, ambitious woman, realized that her promising career in real estate was over.

Turning to creative outlets as therapy for stimulus to her short-term memory, she tried her hand at being a potter.  The results are obvious, and pottery remains her main love and endeavor.
After a season of severe health problems, complications and a near death experience, she was drawn to painting with oils.  Valinda was awakened in the night with a vision of the painting to the right.  She feels the painting has a two-fold meaning:  Turning water into wine was the first miracle performed by Christ and now He is preparing for the great wedding celebration.

In, “Outpouring,” Valinda believes the painting speaks for itself.  While speaking with a blind man, she was allowed to see the man’s vision before he lost his sight.  When the painting was completed, his sight was restored and he is now able to see this work in living color.

Valinda has been divinely inspired with the visions she has placed on canvas, also leading her to paint life-sized murals.  She sincerely hopes that you, too, are blessed as much as she has been—and continues to be—with this inspirational series.

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