As long as Our Pottery is in your possession, you will always have a "Miracle."

Wedding Registry

To purchase items from a registry, come in the gallery or give us a call.
​The Newly Weds will be notified of your purchase via Miracle Pottery.

All Items are custom order. And will be made after the wedding when all orders are in.

Dean Poolos & Heidi Steinemann
November 3rd, 2018

Batter Bowl $80.00
Colander $82.00
Casserole (med.) $125.00
Utensil Holder $62.00
Milk Bottle Vase $80.00
Bread Bucket $48.00
Bacon Cooker $48.00
Honey Pot $46.00
Sugar Bowl $30.00
Serving Bowl $32.00
Serving Bowl $38.00

All Pottery is in our "Farmhouse" Pattern

​To order please call 256-635-6863 and ask for Tyler​